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Applicants who are accepted and enrolled must have all fees paid by the start of the Gifts orientation and assessment. Course tuition must be paid by the start of all classes. Fees are due before the start of classes. Some payment arrangements may be made for students who wish to enroll in more than one course. No transcripts, official documents or certificates of completion will be received until all fees are paid.

Students are responsible for keeping the Registrar informed of current address, phone number, email or other relevant information. Keeping records updated is an important part of the education process. Students must complete 100% of all course work in order to receive a degree or diploma for graduation. In the case of unforeseen circumstances a minimum of 80% of their course work must be completed with the approval of their mentor leader, director of training and the school president. The official degree or diploma will be mailed to students within two weeks of their graduation.

Fees must be paid before receiving a diploma or degree. Students may enroll in a course up to the second week. The director of academics must approve exceptions. A course overload certificate must be submitted to the director of academics through the registrar.

All applicants, as is practical, will receive a personal welcome from the school president or designee. The KBI administrative staff reserves the right to deny or admit any applicant. KBI does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, or other factors. Applicants must be able to perform all assigned course work. For all information not contained in these procedures please contact the administrative office during scheduled hours of operation.

Transfer Requirements

Credit from other accredited or non-accredited schools may be applied to courses in the Kingdom Bible Institute Undergraduate program. Life experience credits may be applied after a review by the Academic Department. A total of 18 hours must be taken at Kingdom Bible Institute in order to graduate (waivers are possible if approved by the Academic Department). In order to graduate a grade point average of 2.5 or better must be earned. A maximum of 63 credit hours must be completed for graduation or their equivalency approved by the Academic Department. The final decision for acceptance rest with the school's Academic Department.

Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.