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No matter where you are in the world you can earn a degree or diploma from Kingdom Bible Institute. Students interact with an easy to use interface for online curriculum. For students with a busy lifestyle; soccer-moms, full time jobs, business owners, pastors, teachers or just always on the go, KBI will give you the support you need to accomplish your dreams of achieving that degree to better serve in the church environment. Online classes are easy, convenient and cost the same as classroom curriculums. KBI staff and instructors will work with you during each session to give you the support you need to make online learning a successful investment. KBI classes are asynchronous to give you the flexibility needed to complete your weekly assignments at your own pace and during a time most convenient for you.

A description and purpose of each class offered during the Online Winter Session 2010-1011 are listed below. KBI is excited about the opportunity to offer our students these courses with great expectations that students will utilize them to gain more clarity in their ministry call and understanding of Kingdom Principles.

CL-205 Principles of Ministry Calling
Course Description:
This course will survey the basic foundations of the call to the Christian ministry. The course will examine the basic and most fundamental questions that the student needs to consider for suitability for Christian ministry

Course Purpose:
Enable the student to develop a basic and sound theological understanding of what it means to answer a call to ministry. Help those who are struggling with their initial call to Christian ministry and/or those who have already answered the call in their present ministry context.

CL200 00 Kingdom Principles
Course Description
Conduct an in depth biblical study of Kingdom Principles by:

  1. Surveying the origin of kingdom teachings in the Old Testament
  2. Surveying the origin of kingdom teachings in the New Testament
  3. Offering students methods and strategies for how to share their acquired knowledge of Kingdom Principles

Course Purpose
Kingdom Principles is a survey of the principles of the Kingdom of God as described in the Bible.

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Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.