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Kingdom Bible Institute is committed to equipping Christian men and women for Christian service, who display the requisite abilities to pursue discipline courses of study in a wide range of subject areas of leadership and management. Kingdom Bible Institute students are expected to demonstrate maturity of Christian character, total agreement with the school's statement of faith, competence in the Christian ministry and a passion for ministry in the local church. All qualified students will be accepted without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin. Students must accept belief in Jesus Christ, the Word of God and the willingness to apply what they learn.

Credit from other accredited or non-accredited schools may be applied to courses in the Kingdom Bible Institute Undergraduate program. Life experience credits may be applied after a review by the Academic Department. A total of 18 hours must be taken at Kingdom Bible Institute in order to graduate (waivers are possible if approved by the Academic Department). In order to graduate a grade point average of 2.5 or better must be earned. A maximum of 63 credit hours must be completed for graduation or their equivalency approved by the Academic Department. The final decision for acceptance rest with the school's Academic Department.

Associate Degree

Kingdom Bible Institute is an accredited Bible school that carries out its Christian mission and vision through a program whose primary focus is the identifying and developing spiritual gifts in ways that empower believers for service in the local church. The two year associates degree program places a strong emphasis on the basic skills required to carryout scripturally sound ministry within the local church. Classes in the associate degree program are designed to equip the laity, licensed and ordained clergy who otherwise may not attend a Christian school of higher learning. The primary focus of the associates program is to prepare dedicated Christian men and women for service in leadership and management within the local church. Kingdom Bible Institute is driven by four clear standards

  • Cultivation of Leaders - Kingdom Bible Institute believes that one of its primary missions is to help local pastors identify the next generation for church leadership and to provide methodologies and strategies to train them.

  • Biblical - Kingdom Bible Institute believes that higher Christian education in technological world must be based on God's Word. The Bible is considered the sole authority in all matters for faith and practice, and inerrant in all matters it addresses. God's Word provides answers to the complex issues facing the local congregation.

  • Relational - Kingdom Bible Institute believes that all leadership and management in the local church must be based on a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and between all individuals who are part of the local and universal church body

  • Evangelistic & Missions Oriented - Kingdom Bible Institute believes that of all the things the local church has been assigned to do one of the most important is the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth through evangelism and missions. Students must be prepared to use their spiritual gifts, leadership and management skills to act out of a warm, soul winner's heart and to establish strong evangelistic churches and ministries.

Tuition & Fees
Associate Degree Program $195.00 ($65.00 per credit hour)
Application fee $10.00
Books and laboratory fees Not included
Final Transcript $5.00
Gift Assessment $10.00
Graduation Fee $50.00


Undergraduate Degree

Currently, Kingdom Bible Institute is offering the following undergraduate degree: Church Leadership and Management. This degree is designed to provide a strong Biblical approach to practical ministry within the local church. The degree offers strategies and methodologies that help students function effectively in ministry. The degree takes serious the task to identify and cultivate emerging leaders.

Credentials-Kingdom Bible Institute holds accreditation with Transworld Accrediting Commission International (P.O. Box 214 Riverside, California 92508 (www.transworldaccreditingcommission.com), is not recognized by the US Department of Education [USDE] or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation [CHEA]. Kingdom Bible Institute is recognized by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia [SCHEV www.schev.edu] to issue degrees, diplomas or certificates as long as the institution's purpose is to provide training or theological education. Kingdom Bible Institute makes no claims of equipping students with expertise in any field of study except theology, Christian studies, church leadership and management. KBI makes no claim that credits received will be accepted at any other educational institution. Every institution has its own internal polices for what credits they will or will not accept in their academic programs.

Associates in Church Leadership & Management (A.C.L.M)

Leadership Core Studies Courses
Course Number Title Hours
CL 200  Kingdom Principles 
CL 201  Communicating the Gospel 
CL 202  Advanced Principles of Leadership 
CL 203  Emerging Leaders 
CL 205  Principles of Ministry Calling 
CL 206  Understanding Church Conflict & Its Hidden Systems 
CL 207  Principles of Evangelism & Missions (Lab)
Total Hours 21

Management Core Studies Courses
Course Number Title Hours
CM 200 Principles of Church Management 3
CM 202 Principles of Church Finance 3
CM 205 Marketing Church Ministry 3
  Total Hours 9

General Bible Studies Courses
Course Number Title Hours
GBS 200 Old Testament Survey 3
GBS 201 New Testament Survey 3
  Total Hours 6

General Theology
Course Number Title Hours
GT 200 Intro to Basic Theology 3
GT 204 Principles of Biblical Interpretation 3
GT 206 Faith Formation 3
  Total Hours 9

Elective Classes
Course Number Title Hours
SG 200 Intro to Spiritual Gifts 3
GBS 200 Survey of American Church History 3
MH 100 Ministry & Health 3
  Total Hours Required 6

Practical Ministry
Course Number Title Hours
PRM 200 Intro to Biblical Counseling 3
CL 204 The Teaching Ministry 3
PRM 202 Principles of Prayer 3
  Total Hours 9

Lab Course Offerings
Course Number Title Hours
CL100 LAB 1 -Principles of Evangelism (Lab component) 3
CL101 LAB 2- Principles of Missions (Lab component) 3
CM103 LAB3-Principles of Church Administration (Lab component) 3
GT 104 LAB 4- Principles of Biblical Interpretation (Lab component) 3
*** Students can do other lab projects if they are certified by Academic Department at least one quarter before it starts. One lab practicum is required for graduation  
  Total Hours 3

Course Totals
Course Category Required Hours
Required Hours Leadership Core Courses 21
Management Core Courses 9
General Bible Studies Courses 6
General Theology 9
Practical Ministry 9
Electives (can be transferred from other approved schools) 6
Lab (Practicum) Courses 3
Total Credit Hours 63

Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.