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The objectives of the Kingdom Bible Institute are consistent with established Christ-centered, Biblical, and theologically sound educational principles. The objectives are to form a unique approach to spiritual gifts that are not known or understood in the Word of God. Our understanding shall be informed by the intent of the original authors of Scripture concerning the meaning, purpose and application of spiritual gifts.

Our objectives shall be achieved through our born again spirit-filled, gifted staff and faculty. KBI faculty and staff affirm their commitment to the school's vision, beliefs, objectives and purpose by their adherence to the principles found in Christ and the apostolic teachings.

Kingdom Bible Institute will assume that its objectives have been achieved when the graduating student:

  1. Has a basic understanding in how to formulate teachings and ministries using the spiritual gifts from an academic, intellectual and Biblical approach;
  2. Has the basic ability and knowledge to rightly divide the Word of God through scripturally sound exposition, teaching and proclamation;
  3. Has developed basic, scripturally sound strategies and methods in the work and ministry/operations of the Holy Spirit as expressed through the Gifts in the church;
  4. Has demonstrated through course work and practical exercises sufficient understanding of church leadership and management practices;
  5. Has demonstrated competence in carrying forth the gospel message of salvation to all through the spiritual Gifts by participating in approved missions, evangelism, leadership and Christian service internships.
  6. Upon satisfactory completion of all course work, pledges to return to and remain submitted to their church leadership

Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.