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Statement of Affirmation
The school's mission, purpose and educational objectives will be achieved through the following disciplines:

Biblical: Students will obtain an understanding of the Biblical account of spiritual birth, and the ministries and diversity of operations by the Holy Spirit through the Gifts. The student will be able to present in a practical manner the meaning and purpose of spiritual gifts by developing a biblical theology of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Academic: The student will receive training through course work that is intended to exemplify the highest traditions of sound evangelical Bible education principles and life experience. The Word of God shall be used to guide all academic and intellectual ascent to knowledge of God. Believers can know, worship and grow in the Lord through the Spirit of Christ. It is not the objective, mission or purpose of this institution to duplicate the larger mission of Christian degree granting theological schools. The purpose and mission of Kingdom Bible Institute is to provide training to all believers who seek to increase and diversify their knowledge and practical application of their spiritual gifts through a thorough study of Scripture.

Spiritual: The student will receive sound doctrinal training on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Students will be mentored by faculty and staff who themselves have demonstrated competence in the Gifts and fruits of the Spirit. The core of the training will be extensive surveys that will ascertain spiritual gifts. It is not the objective or intent of this institution to create novel and esoteric approaches to the meaning and application of spiritual gifts. Students will be mentored in the best interpretations of biblical gifts as taught and demonstrated by all who have studied and understand the life and work of Christ and the New Testament apostles. The end result of all training is to help students experience a deeper walk in the Spirit and to increase their personal faith and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ through participation in a local assembly.

Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.