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Test Bray

A Message from the President
True Christian leaders look to the future to anticipate what the Lord might do, or they simply create the need and the environment in the present to seek His will before the future arrives. Why? They know the future is now and we have but a short time to prepare. The fact that you have inquired about Kingdom Bible Institute reveals you understand that preparing for God's work in the future begins now. Kingdom Bible Institute is an innovative Christian school that is committed to equipping believers by helping them to understand "The Gifts Christ gave to men [humanity]". Ephesians 4:8. This goal is achieved by helping our students serve the body Christ by developing and utilizing their skills in church leadership and management. The leadership of Kingdom Bible Institute believes the work of the church is the responsibility of the whole body. Our vision and approach to Christian education is founded on the simple belief that the development and the maturity of spiritual gifts are the way God intends to accomplish His work in the world. Our mission is to prepare His people for that work through developing their gifts.

On behalf of the staff, faculty and board of directors I personally invite you to start on your spiritual future now by joining with your brothers and sisters who are already working to develop their spiritual gifts through a degree in church leadership and management or a diploma in Christian studies at Kingdom Bible Institute.

Yours In Christ,
Larry V. Brayboy Sr., D. Min.

Test Bray

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Kingdom Bible Institute is a school committed to equipping believers to achieve their God ordained calling through church leadership, management and the gifts Christ gave to humanity.

Courses are 10 weeks in duration based on the quarter system. Classes are generally conducted once a week for three hours. The academic year consists of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions.

Christian Studies diploma students can enroll in the associate degree program after completing any eleven courses in the school catalog. Pastoral Studies students can enroll in the associate degree program after completing 16 specific classes from the school catalog. Find out more.

    Reasons To Attend KBI
  • Affordable Courses!
  • Practical Courses!
  • Word & Christ Centered!
  • Makes Learning Exciting!
  • Day and Night Classes!
  • Spirit-filled Teaching Staff!

Opportunities For Ministry
KBI encourages its students to participate within a local church and to excel in the work of ministry. Click here to learn more.